Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Offically open for H a o z i l . l o g

Yes, Finally, it's OPEN.

Well, it has been delayed since half month ago, because of the buzy schedule and deadline like "Sssshhit", i couldn't managed a time to think of blogging. Plus, i dun have mood to blog around that time, u know, U NEED MOOD TO WRITE BLOG! So, it hardly to push out while you're out of mood. Actually, i haven't think of what kind of blog i should blog. Looking around de blogs, it's like almost the same! THAT'S made me headache! Well, i know some people told me that just put whatever you have, share whatever you got. (How bout porn stuff? Kidding!) Since like that, i'll just put whatever shit i have.

Just a short teaser, to introduce my new baby! OMG, she's HOT, man!
Yes, she is CANON 400D DSLR. She is light, slim, gorgeous, and much much more!
See how sexy she is, oh mannn~~~~Seriously need to thanks Mr.Dick for introduced me this babe with nice price. But, too bad, she came with uncool dude.. . . . . . . .


Dick Chua said...

开张大吉!! 终于等到了!
不然450D就浪费了~ :P

hao.zilla is me said...


Darren Lim Sang Hwang :: 林上煌 said...

不然就浪费400D了~ :P

Hoyi said...

WOW~~finally got Blog liao..
Support support~!