Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, let's go dining!

I always wanted to bring her to dining restaurant for her birthday celebration, now it's the chance! Yeah!

Previously i had surveyed a few dining restaurant online, and my colleague introduced me White Rabbit restaurant in Dempshy Hill. It is an old church transformed into a fine dining restaurant, plus ambient light to emphasize dining atmosphere, perfect for romance, haha!

Yeng's Birthday 01

Yeng's Birthday 02

Yeng's Birthday 03

Yeng's Birthday 04
Pretended to be drunk.

Yeng's Birthday 05
After meal, it's time for birthday present!

Yeng's Birthday 06

Yeng's Birthday 07
She loves it so much, testing her new BF!

Yeng's Birthday 09
Canon, you're no longer alone, haha!

Yeng's Birthday 08

Yeng's Birthday 10
Says "PEN"

Yeng's Birthday 11

So glad that Yeng likes Olympus PEN, watched her testing the camera function and snap this snap that, made me felt like, release a big rock from my heart (should be in chinese sentence). Everything it's worth now!

It's a great experience for fine dining food, but we realized that it didn't really suit our taste, and i always taught that it should be taste great as i watched those food programme in Discovery's Living & Traveling channel. Watched them eat this eat that and discribe the food like heaven fallen food, walao. Maybe our tongue more prefer Chinese food. The funny part is, after paid bill left there, we're still hungry, hahaha! So, we planned went home for instant noodle, But in the end, we didnt la.

So, next year try what?


soowynnie said...

next yr no more church bout church wedding?


PHANIE said...

ya..cant wait for it...haha..

小瀛洲 said...

then man man deng ba!

Dick Chua said...


Walao eh, Pen EE!! can I be your gf ah??? Ah ying you happy loh...

Oh btw, why didn't u buy canon, can share lens mah! Now that you have got to buy olympus lens pulok~

and and... photos are damn nice lah!!! Those foreground bokeh you touch up one ah?? Teach me teach me!!

hao.zilla is me said...

Soowynnie: ermm...wait la, dun rush me....

Phanie: ermmm.....u both, pls dun rush me....=__="


Dick: haha, thanks man! u can be my gf, if i'm turn out to be gay, haha!

At 1st, i oso thought of this b4, canon is way better than olympus, but de problem is canon all is compact camera, G11 n S90 reviews all not bad, but yet still just a compact camera. Then i saw this PEN review really good, highly recommanded le, so i ma giv a try. Results, it really an amazing camera! u should go n try it out... If i am u, i'll buy edi! haha!~

Those photo's bokehs r touchup-ed. I shot alot of bokeh photos as for references, i think ur photoshop skills aint bad as me gua, no need to teach u la, btw i should thank u for give me a photography "poison" le, haha!~ U r my poisoner!

vjan said...

wah~~very nice!!! b''d