Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bangkok sudden attack | 曼谷突击之旅 part 2

My connection back online.
It's time to post my photos.
Continue from previous "Bangkok sudden attack".

We at Silom line.
We at Silom Line.

not yet prepare
Preparing to shop!

3 pretties
3 pretties.

street of Bangkok
Street of Bangkok.

bangkok scene
Scene from Bangkok.

beauty buffet
beauty buffet, let's eat cosmetic food lo.

bangkok scene
Sexyback, too bad i can't snap on time.

Obviously, i think that bangkok shopping is for woman.

girl war
Yes, it is. Here's fashion assistant, John Lennon.

new kids on the wall
Wow, i luv them.

Her favourite.

car on ticket
Kena banyak saman, kesian owner ni.

siam paragon outside 3
We reach Siam Paragon!

siam paragon outside
Outside paragon.

siam paragon outside
little fountain outside paragon.

siam paragon inside
So grand inside paragon, grand until grown grass.

thai cosplay batman
While walking around paragon, suddenly Batman appears, in daylight.

thai cosplay hellboy
Meanwhile, Hellboy spotted me taking his photograph. "wouldcha stop shootin' ", he yelled.

central world outside
Another grand shopping mall, Central World.

bangkok nite scene
Night scene of Bangkok road.

traffic in bangkok nite
Traffic jams.

End of 1st day in Bangkok.
To be continue.


Dick Chua said...

Wuah, not bad mah~ Spent whole 2 nights to edit, the results not bad wor... I like the night scene of Paragon. Post more post more! But no rush ok?

Dun stress... @@

西门小弟 said...

wah!! 加油!! 快快 post 多点!嘿嘿~

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Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

the traffic jam very nice~!