Sunday, September 28, 2008

Early, shooting, really, tiring.

This early morning went out for photo shooting at KL.

On 5:30 in the morning.
This is madness.

this is the phootshooting set
This is one of the set for the photo shooting, and it's the last one.

director of photography, Dick
This is our award-wining director of photography, Dick Chua.

the model and crews
Introducing out crew members: (From left) Model-Wei Yeng, Dick's gf a.k.a sidekick-ah Hiong, Boss a.k.a water guy-Aik Sern and his beloved wife a.k.a driver-Cathy.

After shooting, trying to catch the mood. Looks good for me.

Delighting you always
We all used Canon. Yes, delighting you always!


西门小弟 said...

woo~ did the award winning photographer wear short pans that day? haha!! can't wait to see the award winning photos!! ( >..<)v

Dick Chua said...

award winning our head!

Ah Yeng side view that shot nice leh!! Love the mood!!

Weird... you're so fast this time~ @@

小瀛洲 said...

me too cant wait to see the Award Winning Photographer's Phottooosss!!!

p/s:Good Luck to Passion Republic.

bobochacha said...

nice!!! keep rock man

hao.zilla is me said...

I kenot post earlier 1 meh?
btw, thanks for everyone comments!
stay tune for more behind the scenes!

Hooi said...

like that only meh? MOre photos ler.. Hahaha... last shot is sweet...

hao.zilla is me said...

haha, thanks hooi~ have to ask permission to post those photos becoz might be PnC...