Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bangkok sudden attack | 曼谷突击之旅 part 3

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2nd day.
After breakfast, flea market we went.

flea market street
Kaki lima of siam's biggest flea market.

center of flea market
Center of flea market.

tee attack
Tees are all every corners, damn it.

Special delivery hawker. Fresh released. Only in Thailand.

thai hawker
"Mai phang, mai phang", hawker shouted.

thai homemade ice-cream
thai's homemade ice-cream, special!

Fried bird's egg! That's looks alot.

looks yummy
They are hungry.

But they chose coconut.

coconut drink
Cool refreshing.

Looking for massage guide.
After flea market, they decided to go for massage.

Let's go la.
"Yeah! Let's go massage!" weiyeng replied with joy.

Hello, how much?
"Excuse me, what are you two doing?" she curiously asked.

Thai massage house.
After long discussion, here is the answer.

girl war 2
At night, they continued gone war, rapidly.
End of day 2.
To be continue.


西门小弟 said...

the ice-cream i found at Melaka also, is not really that special... hahaha~

hao.zilla is me said...

Really? i never see this before. Maybe i'm too out.